Deconstructing Knowledge

May I begin by stating that I do not have much knowledge about the Deconstructionism movement, unlike what the title of this post suggests.

Or even whether I could call deconstructionism a movement at all.

The title presents quite succinctly the challenge that I’m faced with – when you expose yourself to the wonderful and wondrous world of knowledge in its many fields, you tend to subsequently construct your thoughts in thick, layered, complex, academic fluff.

Fluff is not jargon. Fluff is an elaboration of sorts, sometimes peppered with jargon.

I regard it a human instinct to appear more sophisticated, unless some other trait takes over, like smugness. The former doesn’t always augur well either. It being a human instinct, you don’t always realise it, until someone shoves your work back to you with a reply somewhere between bewilderment and bullshit.

This is where deconstructing simplifying knowledge comes in.

Just now, in the shower (too much info?), I had reflected upon what I have read, learnt and gained these past few months. From information gained from tweets to books and more books, I could ramble on and on about social media, Web 2.0. and the civil society of Singapore, linking thoughts like a monkey swinging from tree to tree. Sure, covering ground is all good, but am I really getting anywhere? Did I just want to talk and learn as much as I can about the subject matter? Did I just want to play ‘sponge’?

These questions shake me. Even then, sooner is better than later is better than never. More true than anything else, I have forsaken the true purpose of seeking information. Perhaps a gross thing to admit, I was only accumulating knowledge like a landfill, without sorting and compacting the knowledge that I have gained.

Soon, the unprocessed knowledge will decompose and recede in my memory as vague impressions of something or the other.

This is why as we read and read, we need to stop, once in a while. Just stop.

And make sense of what we’ve just read.

And from the masses of information, facts, nuggets, anecdotes – condense them and fashion them into something that is at once inspired yet original.

Something you can pass on to others without them shaking their head at you.

And this is why I’m blogging again.


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