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Stella Artois Makes Going Green Retro Hip

Le Hedge Fund (the video) pretty much sums up what I like so much about Stella Artois‘s new campaign – Recyclage De Luxe. It’s nifty and endearing. Most of all, it is a video made with a specific audience in mind, and succeeds in doing so.

How? With Le Hedge Fund and the newly-minted series of videos, Stella Artois does more than just make a corporate responsibility (CR) commitment. Here, The Belgian beer has come up with an ingenious way to communicate their actions in a way that not only produce understanding, but invoke admiration and identification by showing that CR and style can be impeccably compatible.

It may be difficult for any brand to pull off a series of charming and self-deprecating videos, but this is exactly what Stella Artois needed. For years, Stella Artois was marketed as as ‘reassuringly expensive’. This slightly high-brow approach had probably restricted the brand’s audience to a band of semi-connoisseurs around the world.

In creating Recyclage De Luxe, Stella Artois keeps its positioning intact while also appealing (with its irreverant humour) to jolly, witty beer drinkers who are big on merry occasions with their pals, be it over dinner or at a party. Additionally, most of them are likely to be heartened by the good deeds that Stella Artois is devoting itself to. The feel-good factor of these causes certainly works in accentuating the fuzzy warm feeling at gatherings.

Blending a CR message with subtle, irreverent and nostalgic humour, Stella Artois manages to convey much more than just Eco-friendly intentions. The potentially viral nature of the Recyclage De Luxe videos will tell many eager viewers about the brand’s roots and most importantly, impart Stella Artois with a charming, witty and smart personality that many will want to associate themselves with.